Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rice Easter Hunt

This year we had the privilege of having family in town for Easter! We started it off right by going to the annual Easter egg hunt that they put on. It was a little bit crazier this year than last, but still fun! 
Here is Halle and Aunt Brooke having some one on one bonding time
 Aunt Natalie holding Rowe-
 Kids getting ready for the big hunt- baskets ready (Miles had no idea what we were going to be doing)
 Looking at the loot- surprisingly not candy!! Mostly toys (must have a nice budget)!
 King of bouncy balls just got another one for his collection-
 Grammy taking care of Mr. Rowe-
 Listening to the whispers- there are certain places that have neat things you can do at Rice. This is one of them, if you whisper something into this wall, there is one right across from it and you will hear exactly what has been said!
We had such a fun time with family at Rice!!