Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 2

After our Thanksgiving feast we headed over to my mother-in-laws place to finish off the weekend. 
We went out to a festival of lights in Grapevine was super cute and the kids enjoyed seeing all the Christmas lights! 
 This was a cute picture until I blew it up...where does she get the idea??? Crazy
 After walking around we came back and celebrated Miles birthday (again)...for the 3rd time. Miles also managed to get a nice goose egg while exploring earlier...yikes.

IT was such a fun thanksgiving break, a nice break from reality! We got to sleep in (7...which is sleeping in), we enjoyed being around all the family... now back to reality for 3 more weeks until Christmas break! woohoo!


jamie t. said...

Wow that is quite a goose-egg! Glad your thanksgivings' were such a treat!

Emily B said...

I love Halle. What a cute picture.