Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Miles!

Today was Miles 2nd Birthday- I think it was about 97% fun today, hopefully he just won't remember that 3%! 

He started out the day choosing cereal for breakfast (he wanted to mix all three boxes in one bowl) and of course downed a good portion of it. We got ready then went to a Dr. appointment (that 3%) where she put Miles on an antibiotic for a runny nose for the past 3 weeks, and got a shot for his 2 year old visit. He is weighing in at 31 lbs, 95th percentile for everything except his head which is 110% (big brains require big heads). 

Then we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch, YUM. They heard it was Miles birthday so they brought him and Bennett giant icecream cones with sprinkles...the manager looked at me and said I need something too so he brought me a giant brownie icecream sundae! (Talk about the best family place ever!)

We celebrated the rest of the day with birthday cake and presents (pictures of the night to come)

We love you Miles and so grateful you joined us 2 years ago!!! 



Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Miles!! He is so cute!

Emily B said...

I love that the manager brought you a brownie ice cream sundae. It's nice when your pregnant to be taken care of. I hope you're feeling good, Samye! And happy birthday, cute Miles!

Daisy Steadman said...

Wow, 2 already!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG BOY! That was nice of the manager to "take care" of you too. ;) Sounds like a pretty great birthday for a lucky 2 year old!

Kris said...

So fun - except the shots - you'er right. But that's awesome of Chick-fil-A to hook a mom up like that. Pretty sweet.