Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Women's Conference

I was able to fly up to Utah for a couple days to enjoy Women's Conference at BYU with my mom and sister. It was SOOOO much fun! I think the best part were the talks...here are some interesting things that I heard:

1. Keep it simple, keep it small, give it time" Virginia Pierce

2. "We should be a lioness at the gate- protecting our home." Julie Beck

3. THIS is the best tidbit that I heard (or so I thought)- "Remember the small things, don't wipe them off your plate. These things are essential for you to become a good wife and mother- Exercise, eat well, scripture study, and prayer. If those things are regular, life will be good." Sister Bednar

4. "Heavenly Father enables us to learn little by little- not through instant gratification".

Sadly I didn't take a single picture- we enjoyed listening to these talks together, doing service, seeing a chick flick (with my Aunt BethLynn) and staying up late talking. It was far too short of a weekend, I landed in SLC at 11:30 pm wed, and flew back here by 7am Sat am. I will have to plan a longer trip next time~!!