Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old Wives Shower

First off- it was FABULOUS!

I got invited to an "Old Wives Shower" this past weekend and it was a blast! The whole idea of an Old Wives Shower is to invite all your friends who have been married for awhile (at least 4+) and celebrate your marriage along with play some really fun games and get a cool gift. (way fun)

So this year the theme was "Kitchen Stuff" (yes she has these every year with different themes each year...her mom has been doing this for YEARS). You are asked to bring both a present worth a certain amount (usually from $15-25), and a dinner or dessert to share.

The night started off with us showing up and given a plate of spinach dip and chips- you then had to guess the ingredients of everything in the dip (10+ items). The winner of each of the games got to pick a nice bamboo serving spoon.. I did NOT win this one! Then we paired off into teams of 3 and she gave you a list of about 30 things you do in the kitchen (braising, yeast, roasting, etc) and you had to match them to their definition and glue them to the paper. Luckily we did win- we were the first team to finish with all matching items! So I picked up a delightful spoon! Then we ate some dinner and chatted. Moved onto the next game- this one was...tricky. We made a list of 25, then she started passing around little plastic cups that had lids with about 6 holes in them so you could smell what was in them. THEN you had to guess what spice or condiment was inside (let me tell you some of them were so nasty!)! It was really fun to smell something and think- I know I cook with this, yet i have no idea what it is! After our sense of smell was fried we tried to enjoy some dessert. After that we enjoyed a nice white elephant game with all the gifts. I ended up scoring with a nice bowl and cloth napkins from Anthropologie (score). It was such a delightful evening, I am so excited for next years!!



Rachael said...

I've never heard of such a thing, but that sounds like a lot of fun!! I'm glad you are enjoying yourself in Houston!