Monday, May 30, 2011

Chalk + Rain

Not a good combination. You have to understand that at the moment our backyard is...well let us just say it isn't as spacious as what we would like it to be. AT ALL. So, I am in the middle of cooking dinner and the kids ask if they can play outside- I say yes because all I need is two minutes to get the meal done AND I need to concentrate.

Literally two minutes later this is what I find...this little guy is blue-

While is accomplices are dancing along (note the goggles on B's neck...because everyone needs goggles when it is raining)
AND this dude- has managed to throw all sorts of toys-golf clubs, balls, the rest of the chalk, and anything else that he could fit in between the bars down on the ground.
Let me just tell you- washing this off was not fun. First, you wash the kid. THEN you have to wash the bathtub due to the blue stains around the edge.


Emilee said...

Rain? Where? You lucky girl!

Maryam said...

Hey there! didn't know you were living in Houston! let's get together for lunch - i've been here for 5 years now! send me a note:

Hibbard Family said...

My kids discovered this little secret they call "chalk paint" and love it... why is the messy stuff the funnest for them?!