Saturday, May 15, 2010


Did you know that I paid over $100 cash money to get:

Swam on top of at Lake Las Vegas
To run barefoot through my first transition rendering my feet COMPLETLY black
Hitting my bike to find out that no it wasn't 12 miles but was 18 miles I was asked to ride.
Riding though one of the prettiest areas of Vegas if not THE Prettiest areas I have ever been in
Going so fast at one point, that I thought "If I hit a pothole and go flying, I really do believe I won't survive"
After racking my bike, realizing that I in fact do have sea legs...and was never on the sea to achieve this
Running through the dessert on a trail that has more hills than a ski slope
Realizing that, yes indeed my good friend is crazy because she CAME BACK to get me after finishing.
Realizing that I can and did finish the irongirl in GREAT time.
And that YES, I will be doing the irongirl again next year...because it was AWESOME.

I LOVED the irongirl and LOVE the feeling I have right now.



Jess and Sara Phillips said...

Wow! What an accomplishment. Way to go Samye!

janet said...

who wouldn't pay $100 bucks for that? Way to go!

Becky said...

Great Job!!! I would love to do irongirl next year with you. Let me know if you do one before next fall. How fun!!!!

Emily B said...

You're awesome, Samye! I'm glad today went well!

knjfabela said...

Amazing Samye! Great job.

Jessica said...

That's awesome! Way to go!

Brianna said...

Okay, you are awesome! Seriously, what a great thing to do. I'm sitting here wavering over a silly half marathon (haven't done one before) and need to decide pronto if I'm gonna do it or not! Also, I promise I am still going to email you, just have been insanely busy.

Kami P. said...

really really really awesome

Jennifer said...

What an accomplishment! I wish I had a desire to do something like this--it's just not there. I'm impressed other people do, though!

Hibbard Family said...

I am so impressed, good job IRONMAMA!!