Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

We enjoyed going to our Ward Christmas party...the kids had fun especially Miles who was cuddled and held by "replacement" grandparents all night.This is the only picture we got of the whole night.

Notice the sword that Ms. Claus is handing out... we had a couple in the ward who just got off tour with Britney Spears and brought along all the toys that didn't sell through their concerts- anyway they gave the toys out to all the kids. Little Boys and Swords...enough said.



Katie said...

That's a pretty sweet sword. Maya got a mini candy cane:)

janet said...

Too bad you didn't get a picture of yourself. You looked HOT! Are you really not liking your bangs? I love them. You look awesome, Samye. I don't bounce back so easily after having a baby. But I can promise you, I will look awesome in 2012.