Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Game Night

Tired of looking at that gross picture? I am. This year Santa brought us a pluthera of games to play and we have been enjoying them. This fishing game was a blast- the kids got super competitive (and frustrated at the same time). Notice the concentration in their faces-

Miles even enjoyed game night too.



The Morrisons... said...

My boys get frustrated with games too...kind of funny. Your baby is too cute :)

knjfabela said...

Kaiya got that same fish game for Christmas also. We broke it out today and she played with it forever. However, by the time she was finished her brain was totally fried!

Allison said...

Yes! That picture made me cringe thinking of how painful that must have been! Lol! Game night looks like so much fun! I love how Bennett is sitting on the table - too cute! I tried playing chutes and ladders with Liza... it was interesting. She kind of made up her own rules as we went. But that's ok, she's 3 so she certainly doesn't want to play by the rules!
Miles picture just melts my heart! I think when you are a mom, seeing a baby picture brings back all those sweet memories... then I have to remind myself of the hard times and just say no! Lol! Maybe in a few years. He looks very cuddly and I wish I could hold him! Hope you are doing well with three!

Nate and Roberta said...

Sorry this is so late.. We just looked at your blog and realized that time has flown once again. Congrats on the new addition to your family guys. Such a cute little man!

Skeeter said...

We love game nights at our house. So much fun. :)