Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NBA Date

We are getting some nice benefits with my husband working for the college here. We scored FREE tickets to the NBA Summer league games last week. (We are talking $35 tickets here....yep, $35 per ticket!!) AND WE GOT IN FOR FREE! Woohoo! We got a sitter and went out...it was actually a lot of fun! I am not a big sport person but being there was fun- it was like a college who's who basketball game! We even got to see some pretty familiar faces..and you know that if I recognize them then they have got to be pretty big!

We saw- Dan Majerle, Steve Kerr, Kevin Durant, Ty Lawson, Jarred Bayless, and so many other big players!!

All in all it was a successfull night!

Babysitter- $20
Dinner out-$10
NBA Games-$Free

Time out with my husband...priceless

Hopefully everyone went out on a great date this past week!



Emilee said...

That almost sounded like a Visa commercial! :) What a fun date night!!!

jamie t. said...

I love free tickets!!! Sounds like you guys have fun.