Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!

A little late, but Halle turned 4 on the 9th of July. We had a little family day- breakfast (her choice) Lucky Charms- then spent the rest of the morning at the park. Then we went and met Dustin at work to go eat at Red Robin for a birthday lunch (which of course the kids loved) they got balloons and Halle even got a birthday song sung to her! When Dustin got home from work he brought flowers and balloons for Halle (and flowers for me) then we celebrated her birthday with her favorite meal-macaroni and ham. I know...crazy! Then we had a sleeping beauty cake and opened presents...overall a very fun day!! We are so glad that Halle joined our family- she is such a joy and treasure!!



Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Halle! Wow... I can't believe another birthday has passed! Did you make that cake? If so, it looks great!

Allison said...

Halle is so cute! She looks so happy :) Happy Birthday!! Looks like she got lots of fun new toys to play with too!