Monday, July 27, 2009


Sorry no pics from my camera to accompany this post...I need to find the camera charger so until then just a brief update and a link to check out.

Things are going great here, besides the intense heat we have been having a fun summer! I went to the Dr. this morning for the glucose test- and instead of that orange soda stuff I had fruit punch...switching things up a bit! He also had quite the struggle finding little guys heartbeat (always makes you nervous), so they wheeled in the sonogram machine and he is looking nice and healthy. THE only downfall is the fact that he then proceeded to say "um....that makes sense....a bit weird....but ok..." He then told me that normally the uterus is supposed to look like a mine looks like a banana. (NICE) Hopefully things will grow better these next couple of weeks, but if not we could be in for some interesting pregnancy pics.

Kids are doing great, Halle has her first (and maybe last) dance recital this weekend. She hates dance. Makes me feel really good about the $75+ we paid for costume, tickets, etc...(sickening right?) They had a rehearsal this weekend, here are pics from it. Look at the second row, far left-pink with yellow costumes. She is on the far right hand side, hands on hips showing all sorts of attitude. (At least she didn't give dirty looks like some of the girls!!) Bennett has become a lot more vocal with life, he is really expressing his opinions lately and finds GREAT humor in wrestling with the cats. (Yes he wins). Life is grand, and we are eager for the fall to begin and to meet our "banana baby".



kristie martino said...

Those pics are adorable. I LOVE the attitude all those girls are displaying! It's even cuter because I don't yet comprehend the full scope of a girl's attitude.

Heather said...

Banana baby... love it :)