Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We leave today (the kids and I) on a vacation to Texas!! We are super excited to see family and feel the warmth and sunshine-but will miss Dustin so much! He will be here holding down the fort finishing up papers, going to class, and working. (boohoo) We fly out of Indy at 5pm and land in DFW at 10:00pm (nasty) so wish me luck flying with two kiddos!! I will update with pics as soon as we get back- au revior~


Anne said...

My mom has been reminding me about this for days on end now. It depresses me. I want to see ya'll!!! :( Have fun for me.

Hilary said...

That is so exciting! Caleb and I have taken a vacation or two to sunny St. George without Jerry and it is always so hard to leave him behind. But you guys will have lots of fun, and it will be so great to go to a warmer place!

Rich, Lauren, Nate and Tanner said...

I hope we get to see you while you're here! Your kids are so cute.