Friday, March 14, 2008

St. Louis Zoo

Hands down one of the best zoos that i have ever been to. First off- it was free!! That is right, for all of us to get in we paid NOTHING! They charged for parking, but if you parked along the street you didn't have to pay!

Second as you can see the exhibits are SO close! It was so neat to be so close!! And yes, that is a REAL penguin!! You could reach right up and touch it!! (If you weren't scared about getting your hand bitten off)

My cheesy cute boys!


jamietonks said...

Bennett looks so grow up in those pictures. What a fun zoo. And free! What a bonus :)

Anne said...

How fun! Nat, Mom and I took pictures with those very same penguins when we went to St. Louis this past summer. We actually went wild on the whole museum...