Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Meeting-

A couple hours after Rowe was born all the kids came up to the hospital to meet him. It was really cute how excited Halle was to hold him, and to talk to him- although disappointed that he really didn't do anything in return.
 Bennett, after much convincing, decided he could hold Rowe for about .5 seconds (notice how Rowe is about to fall off his lap).
 My mom (who was suppose to be there for the labor but obviously didn't make it) was there too-
 Miles wasn't sure about the whole thing- he wouldn't get near me (I was still connected to all the machines) and really didn't want to touch Rowe-

 Here is the closest Miles got- touching him with a finger. After the boys touched him they started playing tag in the curtain in the room, running around playing chase and anything else destructive you can think of. My mom took the kids home and Dustin got to stay with me at the hospital pretty late that night.
 We were super lucky to have a really good friend in town- he was actually suppose to come and eat dinner with us that night! I think we all decided this was worth the canceling of dinner plans! Matt comes to town every couple months for business and we get to enjoy his company and talk for a couple hours.