Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meeting Pops & Alex

The next day my Dad and Alex drove down to stay the weekend too- they came straight to the hospital to see us. 
 Not sure what this picture was- but thought it was pretty comical.
 Here is Alex holding Rowe- such a great aunt!
 Halle came up with Dustin to meet us and hold Rowe again. She can't get enough of him and is QUITE the helper! The boys stayed home with my mom- because they were crazy and because both had been in to see the allergist and pediatrician and put on antibiotics. We didn't want them around Rowe too much -hence why i stayed in the hospital for so long.
 This time I really enjoyed my hospital stay- who wouldn't enjoy it? I got to snuggle this face all day long, they would bring me meals (Whatever I wanted whenever I wanted), and the nurse would come get Rowe and night and bring him back every 4 hours for feedings. It was NICE!
 This is the man behind most all pictures, so I had to get a shot of him holding Rowe while at the hospital. Such a great dad!