Sunday, March 21, 2010

Too Much Fun

We have been having way too much fun the past couple of weeks. So hard to keep updating when the weather outside is SO beautiful! Here are a couple of highlights from the past couple weeks.

I had a really good friend come and visit- we got to know each other when we lived in Indiana. Her husband is now a lawyer in Utah and they came down for the Mountain West Conference tournament. It was so nice to see her...and I realized that you know you have a "true" friend when you can be reunited and talk forever just like you have never been apart. Her daughters are precious and she is such a great mom, I just wish we lived closer!

Dustin's Dad and sister Natalie came for a couple of days. They looked at schools in the surrounding areas then while the boys went and played golf Nat and I hung out. It was a blast to spend time with her and neat to see her as she is preparing to go to school (still rooting for BYU-I).

We got to spend about 24 hours with my mom while she was in town, and that was neat too. She will be spending alot more time in this area due to my Uncle who lives in Cedar City and is very sick. Our prayers are with his family.

We have been spending every waking moment at the park. With the highs in the 70's, the sun shining, the tank is clean... (Finding Nemo anyone?) we have had so much fun. Bennett is a natural at soccer and we have been playing a lot at that, Halle does pretty well although her choice of both clothes and shoes have an affect on that (flip flops and snow boots don't make good soccer shoes).

AND (man it has been one busy week!) I have decided to teach preschool next year! I have a good friend who encouraged me and I am super excited about it! I will be teaching 3-4 year olds-and eager to put my degree to some use! I have started lesson plans and activities...(who knew that preschool teaching would be JUST LIKE highschool teaching?).



Allison said...

I've been waiting for an update!! Yay! So glad you have been enjoying the weather - we have too :) Your kids are beautiful and I'm not sure how you were able to capture such a great shot with everyone looking and smiling! Congrats on your teaching - pre-school teachers are great and have been wonderful for Liza! Good luck with it and I hope you enjoy it! I'm sure you will be much loved by your students!

Ashlee said...

What a busy week!!! Sounds like fun!! We've been spending a lot of time outside too, I love this time of year! Your little guy is getting so big!!!! Man, I wish we would be here next year for you to teach Gavin preschool!!! You will do such a GREAT JOB!

Emilee said...

Go Samye! What a great idea! You are organized & thorough. Sounds like a neat bonding experience for you & Bennett.

Marissa said...

Hey!!! Long time no chat, pictures, update,...nada! Sounds like everything is going good. Busy is good. What's with preshool?? You'll have to tell me more info on that one. I will be awesome! I wish we had some warm weather. We're suppose to get snow today till tuesday. boo. even though i still love idaho.
ky and i are trying to plan a trip down to vegas sometime in may. if or when it happens i will def let you know cause i'm dyin to see ya. hope all's well. love you.

hollyhs said...

yay! i want sonnet in your class! :) you'll be awesome!