Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Guess who LOVES his rice cereal?

Yep, he can't get enough! What makes this even better is that he is now sleeping from 8pm to 7am...rice cereal really fills his tummy up!

On another note, our kids picnic table got stolen out of our backyard. Someone went out of their way to go around our cactus plants (you really have to watch yourself in our backyard) and took our kids table. They must have needed it ALOT more than we did.



The Roberts' Report said...

SAY WHAT? Seriously! Turds. Do you guys not have a gate? We do, but we also lock it with a combo lock.

The Morrisons... said...

Yummy rice cereal! I love the baby food stage just for that reason that they sleep so much better. Sorry about your table....that is strange. I hope that person gets some good use out of it :)

Emilee said...

Dear Miles,
Could you please come teach me a thing or two about sleeping through the night? I really like my mommy to hug/feed me around midnight. I'll even cry for an hour. But my life is going to stink when I turn 1 in 6 weeks & I'm not nursing anymore.

Your friend, Brooklyn

Anonymous said...

YAY for Miles- he is so cute! Bummer about the table- Vegas folks can be super creepy sometimes.


Emily B said...

Yay for sleeping babies! My one-year-old still isn't sleeping through the night. And I'm excited for you to teach preschool. I think you are going to love it!