Monday, November 3, 2008

Halle's First day

After much debate (and a lot of hesitation) we put Halle into a preshool this week...and I LOVE it!! Well, she does too (and it helps that she has a friend from church in her class) and loves all the songs, and projects that they are doing. I forgot to charge the camera so it was dead when I went to take a picture of her this morning- and of course I forgot to charge it while she was gone so pics from the Mac will have to do!!

She is such a ham....loves seeing pictures of herself!! She also picked her special cowgirl outfit for school today... love it!


Emilee said...

Too cute! She looks so grown up & excited to be headed out on her own. Did you end up going with the UNLV preschool?

kim said...

Oh, you are going to LOVE preschool! I was always amazed at how much I could get done during that time with one less child. AND the kids always enjoyed it too - so it is perfect!!!

Melissa Wilson said...

Ohh, get ready to have some fun! :) Emma loves her preschool and most of the time is so excited she doesn't even say goodbye to me as she rushes into class! I love it too because I have some quiet time and errands are much easier! Good choice!

Anne said...

Yay Halle!!!


Auntie Anne