Monday, November 17, 2008


Finally I have gotten the chance to share pictures from our brief trip to Arizona last weekend. We had so much fun being with family and enjoyed meeting John (Jodie's husband) and watching them get married. The kids loved being spoiled by Grammy being there (Halle got invited to sleep with Grammy both nights we were there) and is so excited to see Grammy in just a week!
My photogenic little girl, you say smile and she will start posing with no problem.

Bennett also caught on-when I would say cheese this was the smile he gave us!!

Here is a quick family was so beautiful there!

Halle couldn't get enough of Princess Jodie...and had to go and hug her. She thought it was so magical and told me that I should get married like a princess again.

Bennett loved the flowers on the temple grounds...although he did scream outside the entire time we were in there (sorry again Uncle John) he enjoyed the grass and greenery.

Such a fun time-


Hannah said...

You look so beautiful, Samye! kids are adorable too!

Amy Marie Gessel said...

Wish we could have been there:( Cute pictures.

Skeeter said...

I so love the grounds at the Mesa Temple. I miss being so close to it. (I grew up in Mesa) Great pictures!!

*K*R*I*S*T*Y* said...

What pretty pictures!I've been meaning to ask you about an update on your anti-cell phone situation, hows that going? Yesterday we had stake conference (it's our 3rd sunday here in springfield, MO) and I found out your uncle that's in the 70 is over our south stake, so if we hadn't been in the north stake I could have said Hi yesterday!Small world huh!

Kent Chalmers said...

D and Samye, there is no way your kids are that big. It's crazy. Glad to see everything is going well.

Anonymous said...

So fun! I wish I could've been there. Jodi looks gorgeous--like a princess! :) The kids are cute.

Bree said...

Ohhh I am so jealous of the warm weather you visited and live in! :) We really do need to plan a getaway to visit! You all look so cute and I love your dress, Samye!