Monday, October 27, 2008

Anne's Visit

We were so lucky and had my sister-in-law down for a couple of days a week ago (I know, lame, it took me a LONG time to get to posting again) but we just had so much fun having her here!! We went down to the strip one night, we carved pumpkins, and of course the kids just loved having Anne around!! We are so excited to have everyone coming for Thanksgiving!!
Here are the pumpkins...we had to carve them!! Yet, we didn't realize the results...In Indiana last year they froze before they melted. (I actually had to "dispose" of them this morning when the kids were still sleeping...sorry Anne!!)

Anne even came and supported me through the triathlon (what a supportive sister-in-law!!)

We went to FAO Schwartz (sp?) one night and just had a blast. Bennett and Halle had so much fun playing the piano with Anne!

We had such a blast with her...we love when Aunties come and visit!


janet said...

Way to go on your triathlon! I keep meaning to tell you that in person, and something else always comes up! You are awesome, girl! and fun to have your sis in law in town.. Vegas is the place to live for visitors, I am telling ya!

Anne said...

Awww yay! I had SO much fun with you guys. I can't wait for Thanksgiving either, seriously. I love the pics--good action shot on the piano! Haha. And that's ok about the pumpkin...that's funny/too bad that they melted!