Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My BEST present...EVER.

I am trying to play catch up- and I CAN'T believe it has taken me this long to share this product with you guys! 

Let's start off with a pre-story story. For the life of me I have never been able to find a way to find a candle that would make my whole house smell nice. Back a couple years ago a good friend shared Yankee Candle with me and I fell in love. Then I fell out of love when they discontinued my scent. Not OK. 

I have a great friend in Vegas whose home ALWAYS smelled great, and to top it off she has three boys under the age of 4. She had a secret- I finally asked her about it and she shared what she used, but in my cheapo mind I thought I will burn through this product in no time...waste of $$.

It only took me another year to decide that I HAD to try it. My sweet mother-in-law got my new love for me and I am IN LOVE. 

What is the product? Scentsy

For those of you who have never heard of it here is how it works- you first have to purchase something like this: (And this is the exact one I got)
 That is your warmer. Then you purchase the wax that goes in it. This is where I questioned it, and figured I would burn through it in no time. I have had this thing on every day, for at least 5+ hours a day and have only used 2 wax squares. The smell doesn't stop, it always smells great...I just can't get enough!! I chose the following scents- they sounded great for the holiday season-

So far I have only used the Sticky Cinnamon Bun...and once again I have only used 2 bars! 

After finding this product I thought to myself- "self...you have GOT to share this" So here I am sharing this. They have so many scents to chose from, they even have little mini warmers to put in places like bathrooms (hello who doesn't need those in their bathrooms?) 

If you are interested enough to buy- I am hosting a party! 
  1. Go to this link 
  2. See my name on the lower left hand side of the page? 
  3. Click on it and browse the catalog. 
  4. If you live local to me, it will ship free to my house and I can get it to you.
  5. If you don't live local no need to fret- you can still order but you will need to cover shipping. (Which is reasonable and totally worth it!) 
  6. If you want some great recommends for different products let me know- I would LOVE to help out!! 
Once again, THE.BEST.PRESENT.EVER!! Get one for you...get one for your mom...get one for your friend next door who has an issue with stinky house (She will thank you). 



Daisy Steadman said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE Scentsy! My aunt bought me a Scentsy warmer and waxes when I got married and I LOVED it!! I need to buy me some more, thanks for the reminder! :)

Jeremy and Taren said...

My friend bought me the warmer and a few scents for my birthday in Feb. Can you believe I have burned the same scent for 4 months straight and it still smells up my house the same. I love it! I just got my mom hooked on it too. :)

Devin and Megan said...

they sell knock off ones at walmart. The scents still amazing!

EmilynBen said...

I love scentsy!! My favorite is Snowberry, you should try it! My other favorite they discontinued :(
Good luck with your party!!